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November 14th, 2012, 08:50 AM
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I posted in the wrong board before....!

I'm in my mid thirties and I am seriously looking after my fertility and my health to prepare for a healthy pregnancy when the time is right.

I've always dreamed about being a mother from a young girl, and I vowed that when I meet the right guy, it will happen. I also dreamed about having twins. I would love either gender and I really hope for a twin pregnancy with God's will. I think, in a way, i feel comforted by the fact that my first pregnancy will happen when I'm a little older and mature enough to handle this. I know there are so many things to think about with a multiple pregnancy, and how I would be considered "high-risk" but I just think focusing on the positive side of things is the healthiest way to approach this. So on to my question...

I will be happy with whatever pregnancy I'll have. Just to feel my baby grow inside me and then hold it in my arms is my biggest dream. However, even if I were to entertain the idea of having twins, aside from my age (mid-30s), could my diet help things along?

I've been reading a lot on this over the internet, and I've read over and over that a diet full of whole milk, dairy, sweet potato/yams, bananas, foods high with folic acid, taking folic acid supplements, eating avocados, oranges/juice, combined with being over 35, that this has played a big role in having a twin pregnancy.

Is this true? Can your diet help you conceive twins? I'd love any pregnancy, like I said, but I really would love to experience a twin pregnancy. I do not wish to go under fertility treatments to achieve this - I think it's too risky - but if this can happen naturally, I would love to welcome it with open arms.
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