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November 14th, 2012, 10:57 AM
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The Obligatory Intro post

So.. me up to this point..

My name is Michelle and DH is David.. we'll both be 34 by the time May comes along At home we also have a dog named Appa (wheaten terrier) and 2 cats Jynx and Eithne. We got married May 8, 2010, by this time we'd known each other about a year and a half (we move fast, what can we say)

I had a "1 year minimum" that I wanted to be married before trying for kids, but knowing that we'd have to go through the fertility clinic (I have PCOS), we started a bit early. Even though I'm already diagnosed with the PCOS, we still had to wait the obligatory "1 year of trying".. so I was happy when we finally got a referral and started with the RFP in the beginning of this year.

2 rounds of clomid and 20 months of "practice"...and here we are

Some other things about me:
I'm a gamer.. I spend far too much time in WoW, though I've cut my time WAY back from when I was single.. LOL. I also play flute/piccolo in a community band and just came to the realization this week that it was getting to be too much, so I've had to now put that on hold until after the baby.

I recently took certification classes to get my CPDT-KA and become a dog trainer since I hoped to do that part time after having kids so I could be a SAHM, however, in one of my classes I suffered a pretty severe dog bite to my left hand and even though it's been 7 months and I've done the whole physio thing, there's still pain there, loss of mobility and strength, and permanent swelling (yay). So that put an end to that (while I could still get my certification, I would not feel confident working with a 100+ pound dog with limited use of one hand). My own dog is a fearful/reactive dog and it's only been the last month or two that I've even felt comfortable handling him again and he's only 45lbs.

So, now we're back at plan B of working full time after we have the first, then after the second, we'd re-evaluate

I think that's me in a nutshell

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