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November 14th, 2012, 04:42 PM
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Thank you for the info ladies! I really appreciate the blinkies too emsketch, I didn't know there was a board for that! I had my post op OB visit the beginning of this month and asked them the same question. They told me I should wait one cycle and I asked about the medical reason and they said that it wouldn't really hurt anything if I ended up pregnant before my first cycle but that it helps to date the pregnancy and give myself some time to heal physically & emotionally. So basically, the same thing you both were told. We have been trying anyway. But I don't think my body is back to normal yet. I've been temping this whole time and its all over the place still. And I'm still waiting for my first cycle and I hope it comes soon. I just want to get back to normal again so I know whats going on with my body and to help us know when to try again. For now we are just doing whatever & hope that by some small chance we luck out. But I honestly don't think I'm even ovulating yet. I'm keeping my fx it happens soon though. I'm still an emotional rollercoaster right now though, especially the last few days so I'm hoping it means things are trying to get back to normal soon. I'll keep you posted if any good news comes up I hope both of you are doing well

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