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November 14th, 2012, 06:58 PM
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Sorry if I don't know the abbreviations for posting, I'm new here. My LMP was 10-11-12 my first +HPT was 11-3-12. At 20DPO or 4w5d, I went to the Dr. They did a pelvic and said mu uterus was measuring 12 weeks!! I said "No Way!!" So they did a wand scan (trans vaginal?) and could not see a gestational sac and said it may be too early. So the looked at my ovaries and both ovaries are LOADED WITH TUMORS! They sent me for a quantitave Hcg and at 20DPO/4w5d my level came back at 3,900. Now everything I've read suggests the very high end of normal for a pregnancy further along, which according to the scan and LMP...NOPE. Twins/Multiples, my maternal grandmother had 2 sets of fraternal twins, my mother is a fraternal...So MAYBE? Or Down-syndrome...Who knows?? I'm 35 on my 12th pregnancy (lots of miscarriages) and I'm freaking out. I go back in the morning for 2nd Beta and at 1:30pm for a different scan (level 2?). I'm just wondering if there is hope/has someone else had #s this high or is it the tumors causing it?? I just need some support. I haven't told my husband yet, I was going to surprise him for his birthday on the 29th.
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