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November 15th, 2012, 08:10 AM
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Thanks ladies You warm my heart knowing you're thinking about me.

CD 19 (7ish DPO)

I'm back!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I was just trying to take a step back from all things TTC, since this months we've sort of been BD every couple days, just enjoying it, not stressing about temps or OPKs or anything. I can estimate my O date based on symptoms but it's just a guess.

We had our consent signing for IUI on Tuesday. Had a good long talk with the RE about how we would start, and decided to do a completely unmedicated cycle (with no trigger shot) since we're still technically 'unexplained infertility'. DH's latest SA came back not nearly as good as the first, slightly low mobility. But I know how much that varies. It went down like 40% from last time! DH was shocked, and is now keen on taking vitamins, eating healthy, cutting back on booze etc., so that's a great outcome . So CD1 is due next weekend, I go in and pay the bill on CD1, and then starting CD10 I go in for daily LH blood tests. I expressed how inconsistent my results can be on OPKs so my RE wanted to use blood instead. So that's great. No ultrasounds or any other kind of monitoring this round. If IUI#1 doesn't work, we'll move onto IUI + Clomid for #2 which will be in January (we're buying a 'three-pack' of IUIs ).

I'm excited it's finally in action!

How is everyone doing?

~thanks to Jaidynsmum for my perfect siggy!~

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