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November 15th, 2012, 01:09 PM
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I had a similar experience, but not exactly the same. After numerous losses, they had me come in for appointment at what we estimated was around 6 wks. We couldn't see anything via trans-vag u/s. No ovarian abnormalities. They sent me for quantitative hcg bloodwork, and it came back around 5,000 something. So they thought something was really wrong, because that was REALLY high for not being able to see anythin in-utero. Recheck blood work, it is increasing at a normal rate. Go back for second appointment and u/s a week later, we see an empty sac. I see a Perinatologist, and so he was really depressing, telling me this was not going to be a viable pregnancy that there should be more in there by now. Recheck in a week. Go back for third appointment, and I think we saw a baby and beating heart that time. But it was 3 agonizing weeks! Every lady's hcg numbers are going to be different, and every pregnancy is different. Keep your chin up!

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