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November 15th, 2012, 04:27 PM
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Am new to this forum... i stumbled upon this site today while googling(as usual)...i would really like to know if anybody here ovulated by taking Femara without inducing a period first?
I've been trying to conceive for 1+ years but with no luck
Finally saw a specialist last august.Went through all the initial blood work,SA,HSG etc...everything seems normal except my TSH which was i've been taking levothyroxine since last month and also took 2.5 mg Femara after inducing a period with provera last month(Cause i barely get AF twice a year on my own).It turned out i didnt ovulate last month
Got a call from the doc office today...My TSH level is almost normal now
I've been advised to try Femara (5 mg) this month too but i didnt get AF on my own this month.They did a blood test to confirm am not pregnant though.I can start taking Femara ASAP,but thought i'd do a bit of research first...
I very badly need to hear some success stories to keep me going along this rough road to TTC...

BabyDust to all!!!
Thanks in advance!!!
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