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November 15th, 2012, 04:55 PM
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I was at a weekend 'summit' back in Sept. that was all about 'Nature Play' and one of the seminars was talking about 'nature kindergartens' in Norway and how the children spend all day outdoors, learning, playing and exploring. One large element of this style of learning is engaging in "risky play" (climbing up high in trees, Jumping off large rocks, playing near campfires, and using real tools like hammers, nails and pocket knives from a young age)

In Canada we have such amazing 'nature' around us all the time, even if you live in big cities it isn't hard to get out and enjoy your natural surroundings, (in rural areas or in large parks)

Do you feel it's important for kids to get outside, and what level of "risky play" are you comfortable with, and where do you draw the line? Also can you come up with more examples of play generally deemed as 'risky'?

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