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November 15th, 2012, 05:36 PM
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Okay, so I had another Beta first thing this morning and it came back at 7,600. So in about 40 hours it almost doubled. I went in at 1pm for another scan that finally picked up a sac but noting else besides what appeared to be fibroids? in my uterus. Also, the scan puts me at 4w6d?? So at 4w4d Hcg @ 3,900 40 hours later it was 7,600. Doesn't that seem high? The doc said we would have to take a "wait and see approach" and just "go on faith for now". He said until he can see the placenta clearly at 13 weeks, he can't say how the tumors will affect the pregnancy. "It depends on the placement of the placenta with the fibroids, IF the tumors/fibroids grow with the pregnancy, and IF the placenta has to compete for blood with the tumors." He measured one of the tumors on one of my ovaries and it was 8.4 cm=3.3 inches!! I freaked! At this point I'm hoping the "tumors" in my uterus are actually more sacs just too small to see this soon before they have to do something drastic and this is my last chance to have kids. Anyone know if these Hcg #s are high and is there a possibility that it is just too soon to see more than one at 4w6d?
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