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November 15th, 2012, 07:24 PM
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On August 19, 2012 my beautiful little sister was murdered. Three months later I find myself 8 weeks pregnant and terrified. This baby is a miracle. After months of failed fertility drugs and being told that baby number two was never going to happen without IVF, miscarriages etc. We just gave up. Then by some miracle I got pregnant. I immediately began grieving my sister all over again. She wanted me to have another baby so bad and now she was gone and I was pregnant. I'm so scared to miscarry my little sisters last gift to me that I am scared to breath, scared to move, scared to sneeze too hard. Logically I know this pregnancy is good, I'm already showing quit a bit, I've heard the baby's heart beat and the doctor said other than low progesterone levels that I'm on meds for, everything appears normal and healthy. The problem is I just can't get past my fear of losing what, to me, is the last piece of my little sister I'll ever have.

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