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November 15th, 2012, 08:29 PM
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I am curious to see how my own philosophies grow and change over the course of my parenting journey.... But right now I strongly believe in the importance of this subject! Right now I hope that my children grow to be confident, healthy and independent (at appropriate ages)!!!!
Something I took away from the seminar this past fall was that giving even very young children the opportunity to fall and to fail teaches them so much that it out weighs the risk. A 2 yr old who attempts to pull themselves up on a board, or low branch and fails will develop better balance and coordination when they are 3, and at that age they may not be able to climb any higher, but at 4 they will have better skills to ***** the risk and danger and their abilities to maybe climb higher then as their body has developed further. Children learn from and build on their own skills. with few exceptions, children do not want/like putting themselves in situations where they feel insecure or lacking confidence in their ability.
I also liked the idea of giving children real tools, and glass dishes etc. They showed a video where a plastic hammer was placed in some toys and the young children pick it up and play with it, hitting themselves and each other in the process.... but when a real hammer was introduced to the play they regarded it with respect and no longer tried to hit people, just the wood blocks. I think giving children 'real dishes' (glass) shows them that you trust them, and you are giving them responsibility to use the real thing.... worst case senario an accident happens and you sweep up the glass. (heck I drop those darn things all the time)
I guess to sum up, I really value risky play and outdoor play (I think those are closely related) I hope to not let my own fear, anxieties, and comfort level interfere with my children's experience learning to build on their own experiences.

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