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November 16th, 2012, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by MamaSkunk View Post
Im so not a twilight fan....i read all the books...vampires shouldnt be vegan and they shouldnt sparkle dangit!! I was a Jacob fan reading the book and hated edward...and when she married edward i was pissed. And when the book had jacob bond to the infant daughter renesme it made me sick!! It was so perverted and wrong i havent watched the movies cuz i knew how ridiculous the end was gonna be!!
I agree with you. Not so much that I think its gross (I do but if I can look over that part) I just think it was the biggest cop out for Stephanie Meyers to do. Its like she wanted a happy ending for everyone and this is what she thought of. I liked Jacob too, not as much as Edward, but I would have rather seen him bow out gracefully like a man and felt for him then to have him conveniently fall in love with Bella's daughter. It was just such a poor writing strategy in my mind and I literally chucked the book across the room and stopped reading from that point on. In my mind the Edward Bella and Jacob of Twilight were no longer the same characters in this new Breaking Dawn book and I rather live with what I loved about them in Twilight and the other books then have this new image of them from Breaking Dawn to remember them by.

Sorry I get really heated about this as I loved Twilight and I was just so so so so disappointed with how it ended for the characters I had loved so much.
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