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November 16th, 2012, 11:47 AM
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Okay so i been MIA for a while due to being soo busy with hubs 12 hr shifts and no days off.

So AF is due today, so far she is a no show. For the past day i been having bad hot flashes. my face and arms are burning, my breast have been sore since 3-4 days past the est o date. My energy is drained and has been for days now.

I took 3 wondfo tests. My first one I left the room before the est time of 5 min and i came back later on and i couldn't tell if it was an evap or not. I took another that day and it was neg but no evap lines, i took another this morning and its a bfn but again i have no evaps on the last 2 tests. My first test still has the faint line so i dunno if its a defective test

I have never delt with hot flashes like this, only when i drink alcohol(which has been a long time) since i cant tolerate alcohol much i rarely drink.
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