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November 16th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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I have a sort of similar story:

I had increasing numbers like that, not quite as high, but they doubled every 48 hours like they were supposed to. Then at 6 weeks (I thought I should have been over 6 at that point) we saw an empty sac they said measured 5 weeks, come back in two weeks for reg appt and we should see baby and heart beating away. Go back in 2 wks (should have been almost 8-9 wks at that point) and still empty, but growing sac. Come back week later, do lab work (numbers still high) and still empty sac.

After 3 weeks I was finally diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I had cysts on my ovaries but none were quite that big.

I really hope all is well since you are still so early and should only be about 4-5 weeks I think from your LMP and hoping the next u/s brings good news for you. Good luck!

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