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November 16th, 2012, 02:41 PM
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Halleluiah for Friday!!! I am so exhausted and ready for resting! So this evening we are just going to relax!

Tomorrow we are going to the Christmas Parade, I am SOOOO excited about it! My SO (more about THAT later!) is in the parade (he has been in the annual production of Christmas Carol for the past 20 years as Jacob Marley) so we are excited to see him in his glory!

Then we will spend the day being in the holiday spirit- at least that's my hope of a sweet afternoon, baking cookies, me not tired at all, kids not bickering, SO gracefully embracing the reality of the baby coming... ahh......

OK- That's the dream... The reality will more look like crazy kids, exhausted mom, and SO stressed out about the baby!
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