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November 17th, 2012, 05:52 AM
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Oh wow, Thank you SOOOOOO much for asking, that was very kind of you!

So I guess threatening, and then actually, leaving scared him into talking!

Let's see- so I told him I was done with our relationship and him acting like a child with our pregnancy. And then I didn't answer is calls, texts or emails for a few days, to send him a message that I was serious. The last thing I had said to him was that one of the reaons I fell in love with him when we started dating was his relationship with his son. I said that we had both agreed that we would never date someone who didnt embrace our children. I told him I still felt that way today, and just like he wouldn't be with someone didn't love Mac, I wasn't going to be with anyone who didn't love my children. Born or unborn. Now, I have to admit that the responses and stories I heard on here really helped soften my heart, but that was only IF he started talking to me!

After a few days I agreed to meet him for lunch and he talked. He finally opened up about where this unbelievable fear comes from and most of it stems from his mom. That although he is 43 years old, she is going to disown him for us getting pregnant outside of marriage... and even though its a different relationship, he loves his mom, and I totally get that.

So, we talked and talked and talked, and it helped... we also go to therapy...
I believe that going to work through this , but it is going to take a ton of work, and him continuing to stay open. We have another ultrasound on Tuesday, and he is coming. We are going today to watch him in the parade. So, day by day, you know!

Thanks for asking, and any advice is always welcomed!!!
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