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November 17th, 2012, 09:34 AM
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Why would fertility treatments to have twins be riskier than a diet to help conceive twins? The end result of a twin pregnancy would be the same. We have many happy twin stories here, but we also have some that did not turn out the way anyone would want. Twin pregnancies are hard on most women and aren't as safe for the babies. I love having twins and wouldn't trade that at all, but want to make sure you realize that a twin pregnancy is nothing like a single pregnancy. Thankfully I was blessed with luck and a great dr who was able to help when I started having issues.

So as far as diet, there are studies that show diets high in certain foods tend to "cause" twins more often. Usually that's when a whole society is eating something ad it's main food source. Adding those foods could possibly help a woman ovulate 2 eggs that might result in fraternal twins. Personally, I think most people would have to do a huge diet overhaul and even then it probably wouldn't have a high enough effect to make a big difference. I personally think the diet weeds to be a lifestyle for a while so the body is used to it.

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