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November 17th, 2012, 12:40 PM
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Has everyone finished their birth plans?
Have you gone over it with your health care provider yet and how did they like it?
Share yours here!

I finished mine a couple weeks ago and my midwife was fine with everything except the IV/hep-lock. Since it's a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of things, I'll follow the hospital's policy. I'll probably need pitocin after the birth anyway, so it's not too big of a deal.

No IV unless absolutely necessary (no preemptive IV). Midwife said it's hospital policy
Ability to move around the room and get comfortable even if this means the monitors need to be disconnected for short durations of time. She said 40 minutes off 20 on is pretty standard, but they are flexible
If any decisions are made to augment labor, I want my husband and myself to have full participation in the discussion.
If I have a long labor, feed me or I will sneak in food. She said I can have as much food as I want, as long as I don't mind throwing some up. If I get an epidural, only clear liquids
NO ONE ANNOUNCE THE SEX! My husband and I would like to discover the babyís gender on our own and in our own time. She said this will be hard because they all love to do this, but to keep reminding everyone new that comes in the room
Mother directed pushing without time limits as long baby and I are not at risk. No problem
I really do not want an episiotomy and will only agree to this as a very last resort in an emergency situation. She said she's only done 4 in her entire career
I would like local anesthesia to the perineum before the delivery to ease the pain of tearing (as Iíve torn my last two births). Yes
I want the baby placed immediately on my chest after birth and the initial examination to take place while the baby is on my chest. Yes
Please delay cord cutting until the cord stops pulsing and my husband will cut the cord. Yes
No eye ointment, yes to the vitamin K No problem
If the placenta doesnít deliver in the allotted amount of time, I would like to be put under immediately for the surgery; I do not want to be awake for it. No problem
After the birth, if possible, I would like an hour alone with my husband and the baby so that we may bond with the baby. If a cesarean section is needed or another surgery, I would like to have that hour as soon as it is medically safe. Yes
We would like our hospital stay to be as brief as possible barring any health issues with the baby or myself. 24 hours is standard for the shortest stay so that they can test the baby's sugar and billirubin levels. If all is going well and I'm really ready to get home, I might get the levels tested at the pediatrician's office but that would mean bringing the baby into that germ cesspool. We'll see.

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