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November 17th, 2012, 02:51 PM
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My birth plan is have a healthy baby. I'm very superstitious about birth plans because it seems like the moms that are most staunch in it are the ones that end up having to throw it out the window. I'm not trying to insult anyone for the record! It's just not my thing. I'm kind of the opposite of everyone here I feel like. My main thing was will you give me the epidural right away, before the pit and the foley? I don't want to feel contractions or be uncomfortable. I rather enjoyed the 6 hour nap I got when I was laboring with Matthew! I go to an average of 30 deliveries a month and honestly, the only issues I ever see with babies is the ones that mom gets IV narcs before the birth, and even then, they come around. I would prefer to deliver vaginally. I'm not going to lie, c sections scare me to death, but I feel educated enough to know if I'm being rushed into it or not and the reason I chose the doctor I did was because him and his group are very patient and don't do "impatient" c sections.

Oh, and I did say no cheesy coaching. But the nurses know me well enough to know better. I hate that stuff. It just makes me want to punch someone!


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