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November 17th, 2012, 03:33 PM
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Here's mine. I showed it to my OB last week and she was ok with everything other than that I would also need to get a hep-lock.

Oh and at our birth class today she said that we need to get our OB to sign their approval of the birth plan. Has anyone else had to do this? She didn't say anything when I showed her and I would assume if she's had to do that before that she would have, right?

Mother-to-be: Cassie S
Labor support: Andrew S, husband and father-to-be
Physician: Lisa Emm, MD

My goal is to deliver my daughter as safely and naturally as possible without medical interventions. We realize things arise and this plan may not be followed exactly. I understand that final decisions about my care will be discussed and agreed upon in the birthing room with my well-being and the safe delivery of my baby as the most important considerations. Thank you for honoring our wishes.

• We are preparing to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth and we prefer for our labor to progress as naturally as possible.
• I do not want anesthesia offered during labor, though I would like it available if I request it.
• I wish to be able to move around and change positions, use of shower, birthing ball, etc. at will throughout labor.
• I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
• I plan on staying hydrated with clear liquids by mouth, rather than an IV.
• Please avoid use of urinary catheter unless anesthesia is used and my consent is given.

Contingency Plan
• If cesarean becomes necessary, I would like to be conscious and not have my arms strapped down, my husband would like to be present at all times and we would like to have contact with our baby and have the opportunity to nurse as soon as possible.
• Please use double-layer sutures when repairing my uterus. For future children, I hope to attempt a VBAC and understand this is a requirement for many doctors.

• We would like to avoid the use of forceps/vacuum extraction unless absolutely necessary.
• I would prefer to tear naturally rather than have an episiotomy. I would prefer the use of compresses, massage, coaching for slow birth of my baby’s head, and positioning stirrups to avoid the need for episiotomy unless absolutely required for our baby’s safety.
• Please use local anesthesia if repairing is needed
• I would like the cord to pulsate for at least 90 seconds before being cut.
• I would like the opportunity to deliver the placenta naturally.

Baby Care
• I would like immediate skin-to-skin contact and have the option to establish breastfeeding prior to routine baby care.
• We would like to delay eye ointment until I have finished nursing our baby.
• We will be waiting until our pediatrician appointment to give her the Hep B vaccine.
• We would like our baby to remain in the room with us during our stay. If she must be taken for any reason, my husband will accompany her at all times.
• Unless medically necessary, I wish to have no bottles given to my baby.

Above all, we ask for time; time to labor naturally, time to discuss and make important decisions, time to have an enjoyable and memorable birth. Thank you!
Cassie, wife to Andrew, mommy to Sophia (5), Landon (2) and expecting baby #3 in June!

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