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November 17th, 2012, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by taatie10 View Post
But I do have some question now that I need to ask my Dr now that you reminded me. The eating or clear liquids thing I want to know. But since I plan on getting an epi I'm sure eating is out for me.
When I had my epidural with my son, they fed me a big dinner in the hospital before I got it placed. That might be a thought if you are getting induced.

Originally Posted by Shades of Grey View Post
Yours looks great!

I havent even started this... sigh. I need to though since I have a handful of specifics like stressing the breastfeeding establishment asap, what to do with the placenta, and I think I may use your idea for local anesthesia before pushing. I should have this before I meet with my doula. Man, its creeping up quickly! I have so much to do.
Yes, check with your doula about the local anesthetic - from what I researched, it can sometimes make you tear when you wouldn't normally tear, but in my case I am throwing in the towel because I kind of expect to tear. Oh, such a lovely thing to look forward to. Thanks for reminding me about the breastfeeding bits. Need to add that!

Originally Posted by BeckyBozeman View Post
We don't really have a written one. Just an understanding with our midwife that we want to be as intervention free as possible. Since we'll be at a freestanding birth center, we don't have to worry about a lot of it. No IV, no constant monitoring, eat and drink whatever I want, etc. We've had some discussions about what we want to have happen if we end up transferring to the hospital, but MW (and/or her assistant) would go with us and be there to advocate so that's not a huge issue either. They're very pro natural, but also believe in letting the docs do what they need to do if necessary.
I'm so envious of you giving birth in a birthing center; it really sounds like the best of both worlds. If I weren't such a bleeder, I would totally consider it this time.

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