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November 18th, 2012, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by daffneyc View Post
I totally get it. And everyone on here sounds reasonable. But you have to understand that we just see a lot of people that will throw huge fits with any deviation in the birth plan. Like the IV thing, it's required in case of an emergency, we need access to give drugs. (it's scary to think about, but I'm not talking pitocin here, I'm talking epinephrine if your heart stops kind of stuff). We have women that throw HUGE fits about it. Not to long ago we had a patient who came in laboring but didn't want to have the baby until the next day because being born on the day she went into labor was bad luck, or at least that's what their spiritual advisor told them. Baby ended up having decels and she needed a c section but Dad was so upset he literally ripped the epidural out of her back to stop them from operating until after midnight as per their birth plan. It was insane. I have to ask though, what is the issue with the cord? Is cutting it while pulsating bad? I don't mean to sound stupid, but I've never heard that.
I dunno, if a woman doesnt want an IV, then dont give her an IV, especially if she is a low risk mama with a low risk pregnancy. As a nurse, I work for the patient, they dont work for me. As long as she understands the risk, I dont see a problem with it.

As for the cord question, there's lots of reasons why.... For one, we all know cord blood is good for babies. Two, the more blood a baby starts out with, the better. The baby is more likely to have higher iron stores for later in the first year when many babies develop anemia. Three, and this isnt practiced by most doctors, unfortunately... But in the case that baby comes out with trouble transitioning from the womb to breathing air, as long as the cord is connected, the baby is perfectly fine, no risk of oxygen deprivation. I read a birth story of a mom that had a home birth where the baby came out not breathing. For 15 mins they tried to work on the baby to get it to breathe, and it finally did... The cord was connected the whole time and the baby was totally fine because of that because it was receiving o2 from the mother.

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