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November 18th, 2012, 07:11 PM
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She came a month early at exactly 36 weeks! She was breech and we had already been planning a C-section since she never turned from 28 weeks when we first realized it on. Below is a brief recap of how it all went down.

My water broke at work right as I came back from lunch break. On my break I had taken a short walk, I was pretty pooped so I didn't want to go too far THANK GOD, sat in the sun, rubbed my belly and told Scarlett how I couldn't wait to meet her but she needed to stay in a few more weeks. She gave a lot of big stretches, I remember that. I walked the 5 minutes back to work, relieved one of my teachers and GUSH went my water. I ran inside with some students, told one of the teachers that I either peed my pants or my water broke, gave her the kids and called my DH, Matt and the doctor's office while I sat on the toilet. The other teacher called my boss to let her know. Matt said the worst part was when I called, said, "I think my water broke. I'll call you after I talk to the doctor's office" and then he had to wait another agonizing 5 minutes until I called him back to say meet me at the hospital.

Stupid me had eaten lunch at the start of my break so I couldn't have the c-section until 7pm. They wouldn't let me eat or drink of course so I was dying by the time I had surgery. Meanwhile everybody at work was completely freaked out about what happened. I was at least calm enough to call HR to tell them my leave was starting early and then the vet's because Joey was there getting all of his teeth removed.

All of the doctors and nurses prior to her birth said Scarlett had a flair for the dramatic for being complete breech sitting criss cross applesauce in my uterus. Yeah, she came out in dramatic fashion too. When the OBGYN pulled her out she said she was sucking her thumb and pooping! Thats my girl!

And that is how Scarlett entered the world.
(Moments after birth)

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