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November 19th, 2012, 08:41 AM
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Hi Ladies, I had a question about my HCG levels. I went to the Dr because of pelvic pain and thought I had a cyst since I have been on Nuva Ring for 6 months and found out I tested positive on a urine preg. The NP freaked out and sent me for a STAT ultrasound and blood work, and said it was probably an ectopic preg and no to leave the office. After 5 hrs (OMG!) of crying and waiting in the office she sent my home to wait for the results since there was "problems getting my results reviewed". She finally called me back that evening (11/15) and said my blood level was HCG 1209 and said she thought 4 weeks. To repeat the blood work the next afternoon as my ultrasound was inconclusive (they didn't see anything). And since it was going to be Friday that I wouldn't get a call until Saturday. I worried all weekend and never got a call. So this morning I drove straight to the office to get some answers. The NP didn't even speak with me and sent the Medical Assistant out with a referral and said your numbers really didnt change (there were HCG 2182) so follow up at a GYN. I came home and started researching and I'm so confused. Based on charts online those numbers are too high for 4 weeks and they almost doubled in 24 hrs and the web says should double every 72? (But according to my NP thats not much change? I took my ring out Oct 14th - Oct 21 and had a period. So I should only be 4 weeks since last period, 5 on 11/21. So are my levels high for what they should be? And if I'm further along, is there still a chance they missed it on the ultrsound. Sorry for the book, but I'm freaking out! I don't know whether I'm about to loose a baby and have surgery or if I should be celebrating that everything is OK!?
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