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November 19th, 2012, 08:45 AM
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(I also posted this in my Playroom)


I don't know if he has moved head down, but he has definitely moved!

I went to the chiro on Friday to try the Webster Technique, and I was honestly disappointed because I didn't think she did much. I probably was only seen for a total of five minutes and had to pay $50 (so irritating!). I didn't feel any different all day (I saw her at noon) and then when I laid down at bedtime I was feeling some REALLY funky movements I have never felt before.

Saturday I woke up and I felt SO SORE like I had pulled muscles all down by my pelvis, and those pains lasted all weekend and I am still like that today!

Well DH took my weekly belly picture, and ta-da! My belly looks different! I don't know if he dropped, or turned to head down, or what... but he definitely did something!

Here is a pic:

What I find REALLY interesting is that it was also between 34-35 weeks that Kaylee dropped! So if we keep going at the same rate, this little bean will come a week or so early too! (A girl can dream, right? )

Anyway, just wanted to share
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