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November 19th, 2012, 06:48 PM
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18 weeks!

Today was my level 2 scan! Copied and pasted from the main board:

The clinic was apparently very busy today, so we waited for quite a while. I met with a genetic counselor first, just to go over basic risks for AMA patients. Then back to the waiting room to wait for an u/s room to open up.

The tech did the scan (honestly, she seemed very rushed, probably because they were backed up), and then a fellow wanted to get some practice doing scans, so she looked around for a while and took more pics. Then we had to wait for the high risk specialist to come in and review everything with us, and he did ANOTHER scan. So...yeah, it took a while. But everything looked perfect. Anterior placenta, no markers for Down's Syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities, no visible structural abnormalities, etc. And...add us to team PINK!

Honestly we were both sort of in shock. We really thought this would be a boy. We're completely thrilled, although a tiny bit disappointed. I told my Jan 10 PR yesterday that I thought either way that I'd be very excited and a little disappointed, because I would love to have a son and I know DH wants a son, BUT...girls are really great, and I'd love for Grace to have a sister. So I think it's sinking in, and I am really happy! A lot less stuff for us to buy, also!

In other news, not much weight gain again this week. Maybe 1/2 a pound. Still feeling good, but having more tailbone pain, especially if I'm walking or standing a lot. Feeling a lot more movement these days, and even felt it last night from the outside, in spite of an anterior placenta. So I'm excited about that!

Next regular OB appointment is next Monday!

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