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November 19th, 2012, 07:06 PM
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Like pp said, beta range numbers vary dramatically, just look at the ranges on this chart:

Normal Beta Number Ranges

And those numbers of yours def doubled so that looks nice Some ladies have ranges double faster than others, and pretty much everybody worries about them.

Your story sounds a lot like me I went in and was told I had a positive blood test, but the couldn't feel any changes to my uterus (I was in the clinic for sharp pains in my pelvic region, so she was palpitating). She told me she thought it was probably a tubal pregnancy and sent me off to the hospital. The ultrasound technician at the hospital couldn't see anything, so they referred me to an OB to have beta levels monitored and see how things progressed.

The pain stopped, the betas went up, and my beautiful daughter will turn 11 in 2 weeks

I think that the advice pp gave about waiting and taking care of yourself as if you were pregnant is great. (((hugs))) and best of luck during this nervous time!
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