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November 20th, 2012, 11:11 AM
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With my step kids we have almost always had them on holidays. Their bm almost never called or asked to see them on holidays. Plus she moves a lot so most times she isn't even living in our state and she can barely afford her own living expenses, so there is no chance of her buying plane tickets for the kids.

With my ds we have a court order, but my ex and I have not really followed it in years. I took him to court in the beginning to get child support and to make him take our son EOW. He would try pulling the "I have to work weekends" thing and want to take him for a few hours on weekend days and return him to me so I couldn't go out and he could. Eventually we started to get along and have just worked together so our son can enjoy his holidays.

I have been lucky because he always lets me have Christmas morning and Easter morning. Then depending on what our families plans are we split the rest of the day. And usually either Thanksgiving or 4th of July (some years both) he takes our son a few hours away to stay with some of his family for a few days so I miss those. The rest of the holidays we just see who has what going on and then determine what to do.

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