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November 20th, 2012, 02:02 PM
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CD: 17, Cycle 3
Definitely all for OPKS now. I have learned SO much this cycle. I thought maybe I O'd on CD 11 as my temperature spiked BUT then fell drastically on CD 14...I've learned temping just is not accurate for me... I blame my erratic sleep/waking patterns. I just cannot temp even 2 days in a row around the same time =/ So I kept using the OPK's and then on day 13 & 14 I had ALMOST positive lines and kept thinking "Maybe I missed it since I'm doing every 24 and not every 12!" And then finally last night I got my first positive So obviously I probably do ovulate, just late around CD 16/17.

I dunno why but I feel REALLY good about this cycle. Maybe it's the timing, who knows. But we've really thrown all we had this month. We BD'ed EVERY SINGLE DAY before/after the big O day for like 7 days straight. (Which omg was pretty rough... Even the poor DH started having problems as we aren't used to doing it that much, that often =x) He was super cute yesterday though and I have to admit I am one lucky girl. We both got a touch of the flu/food stuff from under cooked food and yet before bed he was all like, "Go pee on your stick again, I know you did it earlier but let's just be safe". Before the 4 minutes were even up he was in the bathroom reading the results before i could lol... I honestly figured I just missed the official positive on day 13-14 and it was definitely negative about 14 hours earlier... So he comes into the room and he's holding the stick and he's like, "I know you're not feeling well and honestly neither am I but woman, GET THOSE CLOTHES OFF NOW!"

So here's to hoping we actually caught the eggy this month
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