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November 20th, 2012, 05:54 PM
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I'm worried about my youngest dd now who started out between birth and 6 months between the 10-and 20th percentile and at a year was at the 3rd and now at 18months, below. She has met all her milestones, she is breastfed, and generally seems happy and healthy..PRAISE GOD! Right now she has not been eating much but she is literally getting 5 teeth....poor munchkin =( She is not even into smoothies so getting anything into her at this point is hard. Ped didn't seem worried at last visit bc we have crazy small genetics (MIL is 4'10 and tallest woman in fam is 5'4, tallest man
5'8....I was 42lbs at 10.) I don't think I would have been so worried is she had been consistantly below the charts but it is because she decended. He said at 2 if she is still very small, he will run a panel....not sure what he is checking for. That scared me!! She has no digestive issues and right now is nursing much more frequently as she is barely eating this week. she is getting her 18month molars and her "I" teeth. I have tried everything from cold food, to warm food, to liquids this week and all she wants is my milk. I'm okay with that but wondered if perhaps because she was between the 10th and 20th percentile during her first 6 months of life and then decended if perhaps now her TRUE gentic expression is showing? Any thoughts? Thanks!!
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