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November 21st, 2012, 02:37 AM
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Going to start from the beginning and try to get all of this in chronological order.

Belly during IVF (as I don't have a proper "before" belly shot, as I bloated out almost immediately)

+ Test

Belly 4w

Ultrasound 6w2d

Belly 8w2d

Belly 9w5d

First Midwife Appointment 10w4d
Met my midwife today, she is absolutely lovely. I didn't get a tour of the family birth centre ward, as they only have two rooms and both were in use, so hopefully next time.
I had some more blood tests done, had to do a few repeat tests because Melbourne Pathology were being stingy about giving out the results for the ones that I had done prior to IVF to someone who wasn't a doctor *sigh* but never mind.
Booked in for my 12w scan in 2 weeks, managed to get the last spot available for that week at the free imaging clinic in the hospital (very large public hospital, so it books out fast) whereas if I had to go to an external clinic I would have had to pay a gap payment after public health kicked in, so woohoo! Will have to leave work an hour early that day to make it, but that works out fine because I have a fair bit of time in lieu owed to me at the moment.

Then I got a bag of goodies, in the words of the midwife, "I am sorry, I have to offer you a large bag of avertising, because we are paid to do so"
But it is pretty cool, sure most of it is ads, but it has some samples in it, maternity pads, a nappy, two different samples of nappy rash cream, a "designer" morning sickness vomit bag (LOL), and, best of all, it has a whole load of vouchers (I think you guys call them coupons) for Target and Babyco, so that's useful.

Ultrasound 12w3d

Heart rate: 164bpm

Belly 14w4d

Belly 19w4d

Ultrasound 20w4d

Belly 26w

(check out the perfectly rounded stretch mark over my hip... it's like someone took a purple crayon and traced over my hipbone, I kind of like it, haha)

Belly 28w

Belly 33w6d

Belly 37w4d

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