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November 21st, 2012, 06:03 AM
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We had quite the long couple of days. We hit exactly the 48 hour mark basically so we are tiiiiiiired. I had contractions all night the first night just from the cervidil. Then I had pit started at like 9 or 10 in the am. The pit hit hard and fast and miserable and by about 4 30 i couldn't stand it anymore so I got my epidural. Took them two sticks but definitely no big deal there. It was WONDERFUL. Everything was grand all night until the next morning at 8 when the epidural box started to beep funny. I pushed my button and the nurse who i didn't like much but didn't really dislike either came in and screwed with the box to try to find out what was wrong. The battery was a bit low come to find out much later. Anyways she changed the setting on accident from ML to MG and messed up the concentration so the machine knows it was a dangerous dose so wouldn't dispense and shut off so she reset it twice and it still was all screwed up. The anestesiologist went into a csection right at 8 and didn't come out until after ELEVEN so I was completely and utterly unnumb at that point. They checked me and I was at 5 and i think 90% effaced and 0 station. They let me get up and walk to try to not have a meltdown but i was hurting pretty bad and having minute and a half long contractions every 2 1/2 minutes... so not much gap. The anestesiologist finally got out and immediately gave me a big boost and then got me back in bed and fixed my pump and got me recomfy. Then about an hour later or so all the sudden the epidural started completley wearing off again where I could fully feel contractions and no body parts were numb. They gave me another booster thingy and turned up my epidural dispenser rate but couldn't seem to get caught up on my pain at all. They tweaked some stuff and finally got me a bit comfortable by 2 something and checked me and BAM 9cm plus 2 station and fully effaced which is why it was so hard for them to manage the pain since it wore off at a terrible time. I got the shivers and a bit of heartburn/nausea and so they gave me that stuff they give to people having csections to take away tummy acid which helped a lot. They wanted me to labor down so I tried to take a nap and slept from like 3-4. Then we started pushing. At first I was pretty numb but was doing great so no big deal. she was making good progress and everything. Then all the sudden my epidural again had no relief at all so I was just slammed with pain/contractions. At this point they said it wouldn't do any good for more booster so I pushed for 2 hours with INTENSE pressure and horrid contractions from the pit every 2 minutes. Then I started begging for them to try to numb me again and finally bawled and begged and she went and got the booster shot again. It was perfect! Went back to feeling just a lot of pressure and not so much overwhelming pain. so we pushed for another hour with really good yet slow progress. She had no decels, no stress, no nothing. just happy baby. So at the 4th hour mark, my epidural started to not cover the pain or pressure but it was just too late and past the point of no return lol. I finally got her under my pubic bone, the doc came back after having been with me for the first hour and skipping the middle two and came back for the end of the 4th. We then had her out within I think 3 contractions. The burning and pressure was INTENSE when she came out but was over and felt so much better. They put her on my chest and she didn't make a sound. She looked stunned but was looking at me and looked so perfect and tiny. Joe cut the cord. It was wrapped twice around her neck so probably why everything took so long. They asked if they could take her to the warmer and wake her up so they did and from where i was it looked like she wasnt breathing so I started to kind of panic. My doc made me feel better and then delivered the placenta within like 2 minutes. He gave me something to help me contract to end the bleeding faster and then bowed out. The poor man stayed an extra 11 hours on his day off to deliver me and I love him to pieces for that. I also lucked out and the nurse that I adored got called in because someone called out sick so I had her from after the dumb nurse messed up the epidural til the end. She stayed way after her shift ended too to deliver me. She was the most encouraging person on the planet and was probably the only reason I didn't give up when the pushing was so bad the first couple hours. Anyways, baby started squeeking a bit and they took her temp and she was at 102.8 so I started to panic again. They asked to take her to special care so her and Joe went to there while I stayed here. She was born at 7 52 pm pst by the way, 6lb 1oz and 18 inches long. I didn't tear one bit. At about 8 15 i started to get upset so I asked my nurse if I could just get up and get cleaned up and go see her and she said sure so I got up and got pads on and all that and some ice and my robe and walked down to see her. Then I got to show her to my grandparents and Joes mom and sister through a window in the special care nursery but didn't get to hold her yet as she kept stopping breathing. she would breath rapidly for a couple times then not breath for several seconds so they were worried. Soon after I went back to my room to sit down as I was kind of hurting in my stomach muscles and such and visited with my family. They then said that her blood sugar was super low at like 28 and they needed her at 45 so they wanted to supplement. They brought me an sns thing and we kicked out everybody but Joe and she latched right on to me and the tiny tube at the same time and ate away. She did great and latched right on. I got to snuggle her for a bit but they retook her blood sugar and it actually went down after because it was too much work for her so they fed her the rest of the bottle via syringe and it went right up to 46 Two hours later they moved her out of the warmer bed and into a regular basket thingy and then brought her to me when she woke up so I could breastfeed her with no supplement. She did great again and her blood sugar is now perfect and supplementation is no longer necessary so just the one tiny thing of it. I got to snuggle her for an extra hour after i fed her the last time. They don't want me to have her in my room if I am going to sleep because of the breathing issues and I just can't stay awake the whole time as I got about 6 hours of sleep in the 48 hours we were in labor and barely ate the entire time. I get her back every 2 hour plus anytime I am awake and miss her. She is the most precious sweetest little thing in the world and we are so in love. She has some head bruising from the internal contraction monitor, the internal fetal monitor and my foley catheter. She also has two weird marks on her head that are connected with a redish stripe that look like bruises. They said it could be bruises or it could be birthmarks so I am praying for just bruises. She has lots of hair that is brown/blonde. I just can't get enough of her. They said she definitely can't go home today so we should be able to go home together on thanksgiving hopefully. I think that is my whole story besides a mean baby nurse who thank god got off before the baby was born who told me we couldnt do any of the things we wanted such as delaying eye medicine, placing on my chest, letting joe go with the baby to the nursery if she was sick, calling our personal pediatrician instead of the generic one to update him and just basic stuff. She was super mean and made me bawl because she literally said she would just do whatever she felt necessary and that I would be "informed" after the fact, not asked or given options and that we couldn't do something like a syringe feed or an sns and that she would need a bottle and formula. I seriously wanted to hit her. I am so thankful I didn't tear or have an episiotomy even though she was decent sized for her GA. That is all I've got for now! i'll kup and get some pictures up in a minute

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