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November 21st, 2012, 05:33 PM
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I got a blaring positive opk yesterday afternoon/early evening, this morning, and now a third one after work today (about 4pm) and a negative pregnancy test. My left ovary has been having some minor pain like regular O, I've had more wet, thin CM the last week than ever (I'm almost always pretty dry or has very little) but it was a creamy color until today! It's clear and almost like ewcm and I NEVER get that! It's not a ton, but way more than usual. We managed to BD last night and used ConceivePlus lube, but I dunno if it really helps. It becomes kinda thick after a few minutes of sex (TMI - mixing with my own CM? I dunno if that's it), does anyone know what I mean? lol But we used it. Something else weird... since yesterday, BEFORE sex, my actual cervix has kinda hurt and we hadn't had sex in like a week before that. And today when I checked CP, it hurt to touch it, like it was bruised or just sensitive, and also when I sat down. That only ever happens after - more TMI - really rough sex. Otherwise, I never feel like this, even during O. Nothing crazy has been going on down there, so I'm hoping I'm having a super powerful O.

Come on like SIX EGGS RELEASING! LOL jk jk That would be I'd be happy with catching one or two.

I'm going to do my best to BD tonight, and if we do, I think there will actually be a chance for this crazy freaking cycle (if I really AM Oing!) and I might have special news to tell everyone at Christmas when we go back home!

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I really need a break, ya know? I'm so hoping this is it and I don't just get AF tomorrow. What does it sound like to you ladies? Sensitive cervix, ewcm, positive tests, all on CD34!?! Please send positive thoughts my way that hubby will BD. He usually doesn't like to 2 days in a row, more like every other at most. I really really want to, but I don't want to tell him that I think I'm Oing. It puts so much pressure on him. He's been talking about babies lately all excited and saying we'll have one soon and it's adorable, but O talk really gets him out of the mood because we've been trying so long and he thinks it's his fault. He already knows I'm late for my period and I don't want to tell him what I think is going on, but I have this ridiculous hope that for some reason, if we BD, this will be it.

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