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November 22nd, 2012, 08:17 AM
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It is just like most one-baby lists I have seen except with double quantities on most things and like most baby lists, it is way more stuff than you need. I think all you really need is car seats, diapers, some clothing, a place they can sleep with mattress protector and extra sheets, swaddling blankets, feeding stuff if you FF (and I think most twin mamas at least supplement for awhile), and a couple of baby carriers. The other stuff you can wait and see if you really need it. Especially all the chairs, bouncers, etc and med kit stuff. And the clothing looks like a lot when it is broken down but it really isn't necessary to have X gowns vs Y onesies and Z sleepers, etc. Accept any hand me downs and gifts offered and you may have more than enough baby clothing without spending a dime

Honestly I hate these Lists. They made me so freaked as a FTM. I tried to go super minimalist with my registry and STILL ended up with junk I never used, like gripe water and saline drops and a Bumbo seat. Everybody finds out what THEY need and use and it is always a subset of a list like that, not the whole thing!

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