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November 23rd, 2012, 09:50 AM
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We have only been NTNP for about 2 months right now. Not so long, although I feel like I've been trying to convince DH of babies for 2 years. He is finally getting the idea that people aren't perfect and striving for perfection in life before trying to have babies is his way of putting off something "scary", even though he would always claim he wanted kids right then, too.

We decided to talk with his sister about how she feels about having her babies. And she essentially expressed her regret at not having them sooner due to the exact same fears as DH!

So, I'm not monitoring my cycles or anything. We are just approaching this casually. Although I did have what 'seemed' like ovulation pain yesterday. But who knows, my cycles are irregular!

This has all started to feel a little more like reality when my sister-in-law gave us her baby clothes and such she s no longer using. Tiny clothes, soooo cute! So excited! I really want a girl first!
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