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November 24th, 2012, 08:29 AM
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Hello there, I'm very new to this site and I was wondering what everyone thinks about this month.

First off, I am not TTC, every single time I've ever had sex, condoms were used and checked by filling them with water afterwards. That being said, this could just be my paranoia...

But, my cycles are extremely regular and my last cycle began on October 18, and bleeding ended the 25th. I had sex Oct 27, Nov 2, and Nov 16 this cycle. I had some bleeding Nov 3-5(?) which was sort of mucus tinged with brown blood (sorry for tmi) which I brushed off as possible ovulation bleeding. However, nerves got the best of me and since I knew I couldn't be pregnant, I decided to drink some parsley tea. I ended up having a very VERY light flow (more like spotting actually-no pad was needed) between November 7-9. Afterwards, about a week later, I began to feel cramping that carried through until I missed my period November 17th.

What do you ladies think? Did I mess up my cycles or could I be pregnant? I took two tests, one at 15 DPO and another at 20 DPO which my boyfriend insists were negative. I cannot afford to see a doctor and planned parenthood was less than helpful. Thank you so much in advance
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