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November 24th, 2012, 12:34 PM
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This might be kind of boring to some, but I found a talk with my aunt a few days ago fascinating. So I had a long talk with said aunt during Thanksgiving. She updated me on some of my cousins, my grandmother... Told me some stuff about our family history. I tried to make a graph on my computer, but got lazy. Anyway, here is Autism in the Bush Family.


First the grandparents:

Grandma Bush & Grandpa Bush
They had 4 children.

Aunt Kathlene, Aunt Irene, Jerome/Dad, Aunt Darlene.

Aunt Kat had 4 children. All Neurotypical. She has countless grandchildren because they breed like rabbits. Out of her grandchildren, 1 is diagnosed with Autism, CJ.

Aunt Rene had 3 children. All Neurotypical. She has 6 grandchildren. 1 with Autism, Austin.

Dad had 3 children. One, his first, is Neurotypical. I have tendencies, and my little brother is Autistic. He has 5 grandchildren. 1 has Autism.

Aunt Darlene has 1 child. Chet has Autism. Guess she wasn't risking another after Chet! lol He's married with an awesome job, and he won't be having kids. He said he's too childlike himself, and he's right.

I recently read an article showing a connection between the father's age and Autistic children. So it might be genetic, but the age of the father can make it appear more often regardless of the mother's age. Grandpa Bush was already OLD when he married my 15 yr old grandmother, and the older he got, the more Autistic his children were. My dad started out with normal children, and the older he got, the more Autistic we were. I need to pop out my last child ASAP!

Anyway, I thought all of this was pretty nifty, and it seems to give that most recent study a little credence. I've prayed some about another, and I have a really good feeling about the entire thing. I don't know if I will ever have another child, but I am not worried in the least about it happening.
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