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November 25th, 2012, 09:20 AM
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Okay, so we've been trying since March to conceive. I just got a text last night from my best friend. She's living with her parents still, has no boyfriend to speak of, and isn't exactly a "respondsible adult." She's ttc'ing with her "friend" who has a son already that he doesn't see or take care of. I swear, I'm trying to be happy for her, REALLY trying, but it's really hard. I mean, I wouldn't exactly call her "mother of the year to be." She watched my children for me a few times, even lived with me, trust me, she's not ready. I can't break her bubble though because deep down I do have hope she'll change and be a good mom when she does conceive. I don't know why it hurts so bad, it just does. I'm not typically a jealous person when it comes to babies and pregnancy. It just kind of set me off last night. My DH told me to be happy for her because it's not really my business. I guess he's right. I just know that if she turns up pregnant before I do, I'm probably going to go into a crying fit and be ten kinds of upset. I just really wish I could be happy for her. Maybe I'll try to imagine our children (mine and hers) playing together and I'll get used to the idea? I don't know. Am I really being that much of a brat though? Am I nuts to feel this way? Thanks for listening, ladies I really appreciate it.
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