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November 25th, 2012, 12:19 PM
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I honestly don't remember it being tough going from 2-3 being rough. For me, it was going from 7-8...that was the toughest transitition.

But, I am home full time and homeschool, so I won't be able to comment on the "hardness" of getting them to daycare and school.

Both my hubby and I are pretty relaxed and have learned to enjoy chaos So for us, the more the merrier. We are very strict on a clean house though, it keeps mama sane. But for us the number of kids is up to the Lord and so we accept whatever He gives us. I only say that because it means the decision has never been up to us. We are now expecting number 10 and live on one income and have made it.

For some, it's a lifestyle they want to be able to continue is the determining factor, so for you might play into it. If it's really important for your son to be in private school, will you still be able to do that? I understand because we won't do public school either, so for us it's homeschooling.

But, having another child/sibling is such a blessing it's hard to put a monetary value on it. But, you have to be able to be around to teach, guide and love on the child as well. So it depends on how much and long you will be working.

Hope that helps!
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