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November 25th, 2012, 01:33 PM
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Aw, I'm sorry, hon. We all have those moments. Don't feel bad. I was upset for a week when I found out two of my cousins who were NOT in relationships with the baby daddies and lived with their parents were pregnant at 18-19 years old and one already had a toddler. I about had a fit and didn't want anything to do with them because I was so upset that irresponsible teens who didn't even try to get pregnant would be mommies before I could. I know the feeling. Yet, I had to remember that I had a pregnancy scare when I was 19 too (though there was NO way I was haha). We're all human, so I have to accept them. It wasn't that I thought it was bad to have kids at a young age, just that they did it so irresponsibly when people like us here are responsible and have such a hard time getting pregnant.

As for your situation, she doesn't sound like she's in a good place to have children, but I would hope that she would be a good mother when she does conceive. Why people would TRY to have kids with people they aren't in relationships with is beyond me though. Especially since they aren't in a good place financially, living with parents and all. I would just try to be a good friend to her.

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