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November 25th, 2012, 11:48 PM
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It's a really good thing for them, but my poor sister is unhappy (to say the least) at the prospect of leaving her friends. I have been there myself, being uprooted like that. At least she makes friends easier than I do, so I'm sure she will come around to the idea eventually. She is in absolute denial right now though. Every time moving is brought up in the conversation, she just shakes her head and says "nah we are not moving, we don't need to." Poor girl.

The move puts them 2.5 hours away, so I'm just glad they are not moving out of state or something like that. Distance wise, that's not much farther than they were before, and 1.5 hours away from their old town, which means my sister visiting her friends is possible, but not easy.

Plus my grandma lives in a guest house on their property, so she would have to leave her house, too if/when my parents move out. She is taking it better than my sister though. What's important to her is wherever she ends up living, she just knows she wants her own place, otherwise, she isn't terribly picky and she has a couple options.

Ive tried what I can with my sister to help the idea of moving sound more appealing, but its not working. What other advice can I give her? I know she will make friends at school and through their new church wherever they end up going, I've told her that, and she will still be able to see her old friends some, too. This is going to be a heck of a change for her.
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