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November 27th, 2012, 05:30 AM
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Your name, DH Name: Lindsey & John
Children/Angels Madison (5) Bryson (6mo) 8-1-06, 10-6-10, 3-17-2011, 5-8-11
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here.
My first miscarriage happened in 2006 I was 7 weeks along and started bleeding heavy. I went to the DR and they said I was having a miscarriage. March 2007 DH& I decided to TTC and I got pregnant with Madison and had a easy pregnancy with no problems. In August 2010 I had a suprize, I felt like crap and was getting ready to go to the DR and realized I was almost 2 weeks late so I took a pregnancy test and it was a huge bfp. The dr scheduled me for my first appointment at 10 weeks. They did a ultrasound to date the pregnancy and there was no heartbeat and the baby has stopped growing the week before. I was talked into a D&C the next morning. In December 2012 I got pregnant once again. I went in and had HCG draws done and everything was looking perfect. 6 weeks we had a ultrasound and there was a heart beat. I lost all my symptoms and had my 10 week check up and I told them before we do any paper work I want to make sure we still have a heart beat because I just have this gut feeling something is wrong. The midwife got the Doppler out and could not find a heart beat so they had the DR give me a ultrasound and I was right the baby had stopped growing a couple days earlier. I opted to not do another D&C and waited 5 weeks and finally with the help of cytotec I miscarried the baby March 17th 2011. This was a pretty hard miscarriage because I was not expecting to actually see a baby the size of my thumb I went on to get pregnant again with out having a period. They did HCG draws and I was told it was not looking very good. I woke up with extreme pain and they had me come in right away for a ultrasound. I should have been 6-7 weeks along but they could not find anything. The Dr could see something in my tube so I had to go to the hospital and get the metheltroxate shot. I managed to keep my tube. August 2011 I got pregnant once again. They ran tests on me and found out I have MTHFR & a light case of PCOS so I was put on Metformin and to take Lovenox injections next pregnant. In Aug 2011 I got pregnant again and we did the blood draws and weekly ultrasounds. This pregnancy resulted in my second rainbow baby Bryson.
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