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November 28th, 2012, 05:49 AM
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Your challenge today is to do some fact-finding.

I haven't had time to make an information thread on a festival for the calendar for some time, and we are going to do a few together over the course of this challenge. You guys are going to find the facts, and I'm going to compile them into one post which will be linked to the calendar.

We'll start with the easy one...Christmas.

Find me some facts about Christmas. You may not copy and paste. Whatever facts you find you must write in your own words. They can be about the meaning of Christmas, traditions and festivities over the Christmas period, anything which is related. They can be from your own knowledge, reading or from researching on the web (providing you put it in your own words). You could try different searches in the search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,, and MSN) - eg "Christmas traditions", "Christmas facts", "Christmas celebrations" etc to uncover different material.

It's one point per fact. You may only post up to 10 facts at any one time after which you must wait until someone else has posted to post again. This is to make sure everyone gets chance to post some. I will be doing the main count from this challenge this weekend. However you can continue to add facts through to December 31st, and you can add as many as you can think of or find. I will do a final count up then.

HINT: If you find a really good website for this you may want to bookmark it as it will come in handy for a later daily challenge.

Please post all your facts here. Enjoy!

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