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November 28th, 2012, 01:23 PM
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Hello! I am new to this board and want to ask ladies in here.

I just found out I have benign cysts on both ovaries and my CA125 test showed greater than normal. Normal level is 35 and mine was 50.1. Has anyone had abnormal CA125 bloodwork before? What were your experience? I am currently waiting for repeated CA125 test to see if the numbers go down or the same. This is my first time having cysts. Doctor said CA 125 test is 50% reliable and other reason elevated level possible be endometriosis. I haven't been tested for Endo yet as I just started this testings through CT Scan, bloodworks and Ultrasound the past few weeks. My SO and I were TTC for few months and one day I had BAD pain on my left side thinking it was Kidney stone but found out ovarian cysts.

Anyone have any experience that can help me out?

Age 36 with PCOS, poor ovarian reserve (.197), and blocked left fallopian tube.
We are TTC our 2nd blessing baby.
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