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November 28th, 2012, 01:41 PM
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We have a 5 year old Pitbull/Dalmation mix named Cheavie. She was DH's dog before I came into the picture, and has been VERY significantly trained. In fact, I was never a fan of dogs until I saw just how obedient and loving she was.

I'm now pregnant, with our first child. It seems a little silly to think of it this way, but I almost believe she can somehow sense that and is becoming jealous. When DH and I first got together, she was very jealous of me. However, she never acted out.

In the past couple of months, if we leave her alone for any period of time she will get into our cabinets/pantry and tear whatever she can to shreds. First it was peanut butter jars...all 4 of them in our pantry, and also a jar of nutella. Assuming we just had them too low, we moved them to a higher spot. Then, it was two of the large sized instant oatmeal cylinders, that were on a much higher shelf. This obviously made a HUGE mess...

A couple of night ago we left her at home for about a half hour, and she got into my purse and chewed up every bit of my chapstick/lipstick/gloss. Today, I was outside for a mere 3 minutes checking out our Christmas lights, and when I come back inside, she's gotten into a large tub of Hershey's cocoa, and spilled it all over the living room.

Not only is this costing us a huge amount in groceries, but it's also quite frustrating to have to clean/sweep/mop the entire area almost every day. We have a kennel that we've been putting her in when we leave for more than an hour, and she does well obviously. Or sometimes we will leave her in the office, where she always does well. Obviously I know keeping her away from the food will help, but I'm just wondering if anybody has any theories on what might cause this sudden behavior? Like I said, she's never had a chewing problem until the past couple of months. It's never towards me, either, only when DH leaves. Any help would be much appreciated!
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