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November 28th, 2012, 10:08 PM
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My daughter was born at 10lbs, went down to 8lbs by the time she left the hospital, and then now she's 20+ months and has been weighing 23 lbs since two or three check ups ago? So I think that's like the year mark. She's taller, but the girl isn't gaining weight and she can eat--like EAT! She loves beans, veggies, meat/chicken. When she is sick she does the same thing, reverts to breastmilk mainly and I'm a-ok with that as long as the following week she eats more. I mean she has to be really sick to not eat though. I know I didn't eat when I had braces because of teeth pain, I can only imagine how your sweet little girl is feeling with so many teeth coming in.
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