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November 29th, 2012, 01:37 AM
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Jennifer, haha true true

CD: 26, 10DPO
Stupid FF free account ran out so that kinda sucks. But in terms of TTC, I almost believe tracking my symptoms has made me feel more psychosomatic and may not be necessarily a healthy choice at this point lol. Call me crazy but this cycle just feels different and that means one of two things, either I got lucky or I finally lost it =P I've had creamy cm for awhile now, been sleep deprived even after 11 hours, yesterday my breasts were so itchy for some reason, and tonight I've had to pee 4 times in the 3 hours... But as I mentioned there are definitely logical explanations for these, I'm sleep deprived because I work night shift and so my body never gets good quality sleep (Plus I work a fulltime job, have a part-time practicum, a part-time volunteer position for the next week, and go to school fulltime so yeah I deserve to be tired haha), maybe my bra is just getting too small, and in terms of peeing I have a cold so I've been fluid loading. The other symptom I've noticed tonight was that my lady bits hurt to touch? So maybe all the CM checking gave me an infection lol... It doesn't feel like a UTI though as it does not burn to urinate etc and it's not a yeast infection. It's more of external ouch touch feeling that I can't really explain. So I don't know. Just going to wait it out. I don't want to test just yet and get another BFN so I'll wait it out until AF is overdue at least a week as I originally promised myself. So either AF on/around 12/2 or testing on 12/7.

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