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November 29th, 2012, 05:40 AM
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This is a short, sharp one, and an easy 5 points. This is your weekly "post a thread" challenge!

Today, you have to post a thread with a Christmas word in the title. It can be ANY word related to Christmas. The thread can be about Christmas, or use the word in a different way. You must post it on the main board, and post the link in this thread.

By Sunday when I do a point count, if your thread has 5+ replies you will get a bonus 5 points.

By the end of the challenge, if your thread has 10+ replies you will get a further bonus 5 points!

Ways of getting other members to answer your thread:
- Answer theirs!
- Reply to their replies.
- Ask further questions later in the thread.

Your replies can count within the 5 or 10, but double posting (ie replying to yourself before someone else has replied) is not allowed.


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