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November 29th, 2012, 11:33 AM
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I haven't checked in here in so long!!! Climbing down the apple tree is such a cute forum name, I love it!!!

I too, am below my pre-pregnancy weight, but nowhere near my goal. I plan to weigh 130 by my 30th birthday with is April 1st. I've been working really hard and have lost 20 lbs after the initial 20 I lost almost right away. So 40 lbs lighter then the appointment right before delivery.

I exercise pretty regularly at the YMCA. I enjoy body combat, body pump, CXworx which is an ab class, cycling, and I plan to start taking yoga soon.

I am on a VERY strict diet, and while I am not missing the food all that much, I miss my coffee with cream and splenda SOOO bad!!!

My brother was going to come over here and help me change the setting on my computer to allow me to post pics here, but he never had the chance, so I still cant add pictures.

Slowly but surely... I lost 3 pounds last week, even though I splurged and ate Thanksgiving dinner. I was very excited about that! Good luck girls, and Keep it up!!
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