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November 29th, 2012, 11:49 AM
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Your Name: Kelly

Baby's Name: Taylor (we call him Taj or Tajjy a lot too)

Baby's Age: 3 months tomorrow!

Share a few things about your baby: Taylor is perfect. I couldnt be more in love! He doesnt sleep much at all during the day, but he has started sleeping through the night, so I dont mind, I actaully prefer that. He is very vocal. He is always cooing and making noises, and he's also very alert. He LOVES his big sister (she's 8) and grins from ear to ear every time she plays with him. He tolerates his big brother (he's 4) but I know he loves him too. Both of my kids are so good with him. He always falls right asleep when we get in the car. (All of my kids do) and he LOVES to be held. He also sucks his thumb which I think is so cute! Oh!! And he rolled over for the first time yesterday!
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